Mission + Theory of Change


The Rosemary and David Good Family Foundation believes in the power of the arts, culture, and education to transform lives. Our mission is to fund dynamic and creative organizations that inspire people to realize their full potential within socially just, vibrant, and sustainable communities.

The Foundation’s Theory of Change

What do we believe?  The arts, culture, and education have the power to transform lives.
What is our vision for the future?  A world in which all individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential within communities that are:

  • Vibrant (energized, passionate)
  • Socially just (inclusive, with equality of opportunity)
  • Sustainable (regenerative, resourced, resilient)

Our core belief determines our programmatic focus:

  • The Arts:  The broad range of creative human expression, including the performing, visual, decorative, and literary arts
  • Culture:  A community’s shared norms, values, symbols, traditions, history, ceremonies, and artifacts
  • Education:  K-12 and lifelong learning

What is our strategy for realizing our vision?  To seek out and fund organizations:

  • Who have visionary, dynamic, creative, collaborative leaders
  • Who create innovative programs consistent with our core belief and vision
  • Who build vibrant, socially just, and sustainable communities, and
  • Who are themselves vibrant, socially just, and sustainable